817.419.7220 5225 Matlock Rd Arlington, TX 76018


May, 17th, 2018
John koettner: wonderful kind professional care and very considerate on donating sample high priced drugs definitely 5 star heart care.


Mistie M
Apr, 27th, 2018
For a first time visit, everyone was very friendly and working hard.


Robert Rodriguez 
Apr, 5th, 2018
We are very satisfied with the care we receive with dr Sohail. He is concerned with your progress. He has been a blessing to us. His office staff is friendly and helpful


Ronald P. / De Soto, Texas
Mar, 28th, 2018
The two best Electro-Cardiologist ( Dr Bilal Ayub) and Cardiologist and Sleep Apnea (Dr Atif Sohail) doctors, who take home the following awards , in my opinion: top honors in human kindness, the best bedside manners in Texas, most informative regarding patient information and alternatives with options, are just a few overall compliments my family and I can say about these sound professional men and staff.


Chris K
Mar, 19th, 2018
Dr. Sohail Heart and Sleep Clinic helped me tremendously with my health problems. The only clinic that discovered the problem why I have High blood pressure. Dr. Sohail was able to find out that my HBP is related to my sleep apnea. I started to use CPAP and it really was a miracle to me! My BP went down, NO MORE migranes, headaches, neck pain and the surprise of all, I got pregnant without having to go through anymore infertility treatment! I am so great full to Dr. Sohail, he is very knowledgeable of his practice, very nice, and very caring for all of his patients. And he is very intelligent doctor with a wonderful personality. He really takes the time to explain everything. The staff are so helpful and very nice too! I am so pleased with the services provided and for all the help.


Paola Whittingtom
Feb, 8th, 2018
Great Doctor and stuff very professional and helpful. They help my dad with samples all the time. Very nice people and nice office.


J. Swift
Feb, 8th, 2018
Dr. Sohail has been my cardiologist for nearly 10 years and I have always been pleased with his service. He is patient and really listens to his patients, never rushed. I don’t mind that he sometimes runs a little late because I know he is giving someone the care they need.


John Bain
Dec, 5th, 2017
Dr Sohail and staff are great especially Alma one year ago i was in hospital with a blockage in my heart after one year i have lost about 30lbs i feel better i do have a 40% blockage but with my regular diet and exercisei have been able to maintain it. I also have sleep disorder but now I’m on a cpap and have been for a little over a year and it has made a world of difference i would totally recommend Dr Sohail Heart and Sleep clinics of America trust me they will take care of your needs thank you all so much for making my life so much better


Jose G.
Aug, 9th, 2017
Ellahi Heart Clinic the doctor and staff are wonderful to work with they take the time to diagnose and update treatments and use current up-to-date diagnostic tools. They care about your health! All of the front staff and support techs at the Heart Clinic are empathetic to your needs and want to see you get better with your diagnostic treatments. Would recommend this heart clinic!


Laurie Fryar
Jun, 15th, 2017
My name is Laurie Fryar and I’ve had chronic headaches and migraines for most of my life. I would wake up with them and go to sleep with them. Since being diagnosed with sleep apnea and wearing the sleep apnea monitor I have not awakened with a headache since. If Has really improved my quality of life. I would suggest anyone having problems with snoring, daytime sleepiness or headaches to get tested. Thanks


Apr, 17th, 2017
Great people at this office. Very knowledgeable and friendly!


Gary R
Apr, 12th, 2017
Great staff and attitude!


Apr, 12th, 2017
My visit was great.


Dan G.
Feb, 23rd, 2017
Doctor was able to look at my case and educate me on what is recommended. It’s hard to find someone that I can trust, all staff members were able to do so. All while making me feel comfortable during my appointment. Would recommend to my family and friends!


Sally W.
Jan, 13th, 2017
Everyone was welcoming, accommodating and informative. I was able to see the doctor on my scheduled time slot! Thank you doctor and staff for giving me a warm welcome.


John Q.
Jan, 5th, 2017
I only have great things to say about the office and staff. They listened to my issue and were able to suggest the best of procedures to me. I’m glad that I’ve made my appointment.


Dec, 17th, 2016
Very accommodating, organized, and thorough.


Bruce S.
Nov, 13th, 2016
Experience. Experience. Experience. I value doctors that have the best knowledge and most experience in their field. From my first appointment, I was impressed from the receptionist to the highly skilled doctor. Never has an appointment been disappointing.


Jennifer L.
Sep, 8th, 2016
The receptionist was very accommodating as I did not have much availability for appointments. They were able to take me in with late notice. I’m happy that there was ample parking!